Simple Ways to Help

Recycling Fundraiser
Cell Phone, Laptop, Gold & Silver Jewelry Recycling Fundraiser recycles or refurbishes and resells small electronic devices as well as jewelry, and Shining Star School will get the proceeds. Thus, in case you would like to get rid of any of the following, bring them to the school:

  • Cell phones
  • PDAs
  • Laptop/notbook computers
  • Digital cameras
  • MP3 players
  • Protable DVD players
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Portable navigation & GPS devices
  • Gold and Silver Jewelry

Kroger Neighbor-to-Neighbor Donation Program
Once you are enrolled, a percentage of your purchases goes to the school. To enroll you have to give the Kroger cashier the school’s barcode when he scans your KrogerPlus card. You have to do this only once. After that all your purchases for the year will make a difference.

Central Market Fundraising Program
We have Central Market school cards. When you give the card to the Central Market cashier during check-out the school will receive a percentage of your purchase. Please contact us ( to receive the school’s Central Market card.

Simplified Script - Gift Cards
Simplified Scrip sells gift cards for all kinds of stores including grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, office supply stores, etc. The school gets a percentage of the value of each gift card you purchase. For example, the school gets 3% of every Whole Foods or ACE hardware gift card. You can order these gift cards by phone (1-800-514-1891), by fax, by mail or online on their website and then use them to pay when you go shopping. When you order the cards you have to specify Shining Star School as the recipient of the donation. They might also ask you for the last name of the teacher whose classroom the money is supposed to go to. You can leave it blank or specify Dorothy Ogle’s last name.

Greenraising - EarthFriendly Fundraising
Greenraising will send Shining Star School 25% of all sales from people who name us as the beneficiary. In addition, during a 2-3 week "Website Drive" period, we earn 40% on all sales. Greenraising also offers free shipping to our supporters when items are shipped to our affiliate address.

Online Shopping
Shop online from more than 500 great stores (including Land’s End, Staples, etc.) through GoodShop. Enter ‘Shining Star School’ as the charity you ‘goodshop’ for and start shopping! A percentage of each purchase will go to the school

Websearch Fundraising Program
We are signed up with a web search fundraising program called ‘Goodsearch’, powered by yahoo. Enter ‘Shining Star School’ as the charity you 'goodsearch' for. Then, click on the link to add Goodsearch to your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mac toolbar and you are ready to go! Every time you use goodsearch, a small amount of money will be donated to Shining Star School.



“The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling     
 of responsibility—these are the three forces       
which are the very nerve of education.”   
—Rudolf Steiner 

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